Handling Adversity

"I have a much better understanding of myself and what to do with adversity so I don't make it so difficult for myself.Heidi is an excellent coach! ...I would recommend her to anybody!"  Law firm - Dan S., Plymouth MN

"Heidi is an excellent coach!  I value her opinion, and she genuinely wants to help people.   She helped me get to a good space. I look at things differently. It has been a good and positive experience." Fitness coach/instructor - Rhonda K., Minneapolis, MN


Getting Clarity

"I experienced a major shift.  Heidi’s coaching was helpful during my new business set-up, and could not have come at a better time.  I got outside myself, and was able to be objective.  Heidi is highly intelligent, pragmatic, quick on her feet and strong in EQ."  Law firm - John C., St. Paul, MN


Increasning Effectiveness

"John is with out a doubt one of the finest coaches I've ever worked with (and I've had 4 coaches prior to John) . He is one of the smartest, most insightful people I've known, as well as one of the most knowledgeable about business leadership, communication, and other essentials of business success. John has helped me reshape my habits and attitudes so I am more confident and clear about my audacious goals, and more productive in moving towards them.  Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Lawyer.  - Heidi P, Minneapolis, MN.

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