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Heidi has advised, trained and coached over a thousand small business owners in her capacity as small business attorney, coach and consultant. She's been building her own businesses since 1988, and helps other small business owners do the same.  She has experienced both huge successes and gorgeous, big, fat failures in business.  Through these experiences and her professional training Heidi helps clients be exactly who they want to be, with all the success, fulfillment and joy that comes with that.

Heidi focuses on clients who want to have a large positive impact in the world while making lots of money for themselves, their families and their communities.   She helps clients the unique challenges of running a small business with high aspirations and high integrity, while maintaining extreme fun and fulfillment.

Upon graduating from law school in 1997, Heidi opened her own law practice and her very own "dot bomb."  Fortunately, the law practice took off.  In 2005 Heidi put her law practice on hold and spent over a year overseeing WomenVenture's business services, specifically, programs in business consulting, training and a 1/2 million dollar loan fund. In 2008 Heidi became certified as an effectiveness coach (CEC) through Ideal Coaching, and co-founded a retail operation as well as the BizPurple Coaching practice.

Heidi has served on numerous boards, and has been a trainer and speaker for colleges and business groups. She currently runs BizPurple along with assisting in select cases for her law clients at IngenaLaw Prof. Corp.

 What interests Heidi

"I love the business of small business; to me, it is art - no different than beautifying a canvass with colorful sweeps of a brush.  I enjoy being part of that process of creation.  I personally know the highs and lows of business successes and disappointments (nobody gets to use the "F-word" (Failure) around me because that word is a lie).   It matters deeply to me that people have the best shot at success in business, particularly those sharing my desire to use their businesses to have a large postiive impact on society.


Heidi's Favorite Quotes

“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” -- Thomas Edison

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  -- Helen Keller


What some clients have said about Heidi:


"I have a much better understanding of myself and what to do with adversity.Heidi is an excellent coach! I would recommend her to anybody!"  Law firm - Dan S., Plymouth MN


"Heidi is an excellent coach!  I value her opinion, and she genuinely wants to help people.   She helped me get to a good space. I look at things differently. It has been a good and positive experience." Fitness coach/instructor - Rhonda K., Minneapolis, MN


"The work we did together allowed me to step back from my business and see with crystal clarity what wasn't working.  With your support I radically restructured operations in 2008, including lay-offs that previously seemed impossible to contemplate. More importantly, I feel like I have my life back!  I was able to re-create my relationships so they supported what matters to me, instead of constantly feeling like something was lacking. In sum, I work less, make more money, and am far happier than I was before working together.  I am deeply grateful for your help!" Wholesale and retail distribution company -Colette D., Minneapolis, MN


"I experienced a major shift.  Heidi’s coaching was helpful during my new business set-up, and could not have come at a better time.  I got outside myself, and was able to be objective.  Heidi is highly intelligent, pragmatic, quick on her feet and strong in EQ."  Law firm - John C., St. Paul, MN


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